Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kennedy Turns 3!!

I know we're a little out of order with our postings, but we couldn't forget to commemorate Kennedy's 3rd Birthday!

Two days before Kennedy's birthday, we took the girls to see a local production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The girls' friend, Addison joined us (with mom, dad and sister - Jenny, Philip, and Lexi). The girls were mezmorized during the entire production!

Kennedy turned 3 on September 14th. She got to go to Church where they sang "Happy Birthday" to her in Primary. We then had a "Barbie Diamond Castle" Birthday Party with all of our (local) family. Kennedy LOVES Barbie and the new Barbie movie, "Barbie & the Diamond Castle" was released the week of her birthday. In all, Kennedy received many wonderful gifts, most of which were Barbie & the Diamond Castle items, including:

  • The Movie
  • Two Dress-ups
  • A mini "laptop" computer
  • A Barbie Diamond Castle doll
  • A Barbie night gown
  • Barbie Veterinarian set
  • Barbie Diamond Castle Pinata, and
  • Barbie Diamond Castle cake

Yes, our little Kennedy has quite the love for all things Barbie and Princess!!


I'm 3 and these are MY presents!

Give Me Some Candy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baylee Regan Guth

As many of you may have already heard, Baylee Regan joined our family early this evening. Baylee made her grand entrance at 6:27 pm, Tuesday, September 23, 2008. So far she has been the sweetest little baby girl - she hardly cries and she's been sleeping good. (We're hoping this is a preview of what's to come!!).

This pregnancy was, by far, Miranda's best of the three. The labor...well, that's a different story. Miranda's platelet levels in her blood were very low. Platelets cause blood to clot; when the platelet count is low, the doctors worry about too much bleeding. Becuase epidurals have a blood thinning characteristic, the anesthesiologist refused to give Miranda an epidural.

Miranda has never had any intention of delivering a baby "au naturale", but she was a real trooper and got through the delivery process without even yelling at me once!! I am very blessed to have her as my eternal companion!! I also now have a MUCH greater appreciation of what women go through to perpetuate the human family! Miranda did say that she would have made a "crappy pioneer woman". Either way, she did great.

London and Kennedy have been great with their new baby sister - they love her so much!

Here are some photos of our little Baylee.

Baylee Regan Guth
Born September 23, 2008; 6:27 pm
Weight: 7 pounds, 2 oz.
Length: 20 inches

We're Having a Baby!!

Well, I got the call today while at work - She's Having a Baby!! We're at the hospital, sitting and waiting and waiting. When we're done waiting, we'll wait some more. Doc's predicting a 5:00 pm birth. We'll see! Stay tuned...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bummin' at the Beach

Over the Labor Day weekend we went to Southern California to see California Besaws (Carl, Amy, Annaka, Adam, & Ashlyn). This was the first time all of Miranda's family was together in California since November 2001. A lot's changed since then - Miranda and I got married, Kent and Jamie got married, and 6 new grandchildren joined the family - Tyler, London, Morgan, Kennedy and Marcus.

One area that we as a family love is Newport Beach - so we decided a trip to SoCal isn't complete without a trip to the beach. (I did manage to avoid the Disneyland trap this time around.)

We got a boogey-board and I gave London and Kennedy rides and then tried to hit some waves myself. For the most part London enjoyed herself - she didn't like getting the salty water in her mouth, but she is adventurous and was willing to try tackling a few waves of her own.

Kennedy's experience can be summed up in a few words, and I quote, "I don't like that swimming pool very much!" She mainly stayed on the beach playing in the sand (although she's not a fan of getting sand between the toes or fingers!)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lesson of the Day

"You can't take pictures of Mommy while she's showering!"

And, NO, I was not the recipient of that lesson! In all fairness, Miranda should be telling this story, but you'll just have to be satisfied hearing this second-hand.

The other morning while Miranda was showering, she heard noise coming from an electronic device. Wiping the shampoo out of her eyes, she saw London standing on the other side of the clear glass shower door - with the digital camera Santa brought her - snapping photos of Mommy!

After calling off the paparazzi and finishing her shower in peace, Miranda made sure there were no latent pictures on the camera that should be deleted. As a result, there are no pictures to go along with this post. Sorry, I tried!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Well...not exactly. Saturday night we took the girls up American Fork Canyon to roast hot dogs and make s'mores, along with some friends - Scott and Lisa Richards (Ashlyn, Hailey & Whitney). While we were running errands earlier in the day, I came across this Barbie fishing pole. I'm not sure if London was more intrigued by the idea of fishing or the fact that the fishing rod was pink. (I've really got to help my girls find a new favorite color!)

Right next to the picnic sites in the canyon is a mountain stream. We've watched other people catch fish there before, so I figured why not test our luck. We bought the pole, floaters, hooks, and bait. London and Kennedy could not believe we were using REAL, LIVE WORMS! Good luck getting either of them to touch one!

After I baited the hook and handed the pole over to London (because she had been practicing casting all afternoon), she promptly cast the line clear across the stream, the hook stuck in the trees. It was a great cast, but that mountain stream sure was cold!
With another hook baited, we tried again, and again, and again, and again. Not a thing. London got bored and bailed. So Kennedy gave it a whirl. She caugth one right off the bat - a nice 18 inch long stick! So much for fishing! At least I have soccer!

And if you are wondering, I'm really not trying to turn my girls into Tom Boys, just trying to expand their cultural horizons!

London, Miranda, Kennedy, Ashlyn & Hailey cooking dinner.

London always has fun roughin' it in the mountains!

Kennedy and Ashlyn roasting hot dogs.

Where are all the fish, Dad??

Kennedy fishing - notice the others got bored and took off!

Cute girls - having fun in the mountains!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soccer Time!

One of the many joys I find in parenthood is seeing the excitement and eagerness of our children to try new things - especially when that new thing means you get pink soccer shoes! (They're black with pink accents.) London is going to play soccer this fall for the first time. She's seen various teams practicing in the field behind our house so she has some idea of what it is that she'll be doing. But I don't think she was quite prepared for all the fun she would have shopping with Daddy for the proper gear.

Perhaps I splurged a bit, but hey, I have a kid that's interested in sports and I'm going to nurture every bit of that for two reasons: its not dance; and Title IX (see NCAA scholarship rules)! Besides, Miranda officially declared soccer as "Daddy Duty"!

Seriously, London and I have had a lot of fun and quite a bit of bonding time kicking her new soccer ball around the back yard and working on some of the very basic fundamentals - NO YOU CAN'T PICK UP THE BALL WITH YOUR HANDS!

London is catching on very quickly. Official practices should start next week with games every Saturday begining September 6. Stay tuned for updates as the season progresses.

As for London's level of excitement...well, you can be the judge!

Friday, August 08, 2008

First Day of School

Its hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close. Seems like the last thing I remember was siting by the pool in Newport Beach in early April. Now I'm being told that we're already a full week into August and I only have a handful of memories of the interim. (There are quite a few great memories, but this summer as been a blur!)

What's even harder to comprehend is that my Babies are off to school! This is London's second year of pre-school, but our little Kennedy took the leap on Thursday and plunged into school-life as well. Where does the time go??

Miranda dropped the girls off at their respective classes and I arrived a few minutes later. As I peaked into the different class rooms, neither London nor Kennedy could care less that Miranda and I were loitering outside of their classes. They settled right in and started making friends. (I guess its a good thing that the girls enjoy school and like to learn - check back with me in 10 years!)

Oh, and for those keeping track, that's two in a row for Regan. Watch out Miranda, I'm catching up!! :)

Even though both girls have friends in their classes, they were excited to go to school together.

London and her friend Addison (left)

Kennedy and her friend Ainsley (left)